Every day use

Always lock all doors and gates, and ensure that all windows are closed. Arm your alarm system even if you are only short time out of the house. Make sure you hear the exit/arming tones.

Do your own security assessment on your house and property

Identify weaknesses, approach the inspection from the perspective of a potential burglar or thief.

Check if plants or fences prevent street visibility of people entering the house!

Check if exterior lighting around the hous sufficient after dark?

Check sensor your lights!

Have your security system checked

It is paramount to check your alarm system on a regular basis to guaranty proper function when it is most needed. Call your security service company to make an appointment once a year.

Always turn the alarm on, even if you go just shopping, burglars may just wait for the moment when you leave your home.

Garden sheds garages and tools

Keep the garden shed closed and locked and lock all tools, especially power tools, hammers and ladders away.

use quality products

Especially for the pad-locks, doorhandle sets, deadbolts etc., use quality products to be on the safe side

When you go on a holiday

If you go away for longer periodes of time check also that your meter-box is locked, outside water taps fully closed, external gas bottle is disconnected and the letterbox emptied, ask neighbour to empty it for you weekly at least.

Install a timer circuit which turns interior lights on and off randomly to simulate that someone is home.

Neighbourhood watch

Let your neighbours know when you see suspicious activity in your neighbourhood.

When it's hot outside

Do not leave windos ajar for ventilation during the hot summer months, -moving curtains are an invitation for burglars.

in general

A monitored home alarm system is always the best and most effective security measure, or a CCTV system.

It is possible to partially arm your alam system (for instance perimiter zones) when the home is occupied to prevent burglary at night time when you are home, but sleeping.